The Merge SMP! The Merge SMP is a whitelisted survival multiplayer server made by user Karby, and it flourishes with new and old members as well. It is also a roleplaying server, containing alignments, and characters. This wiki will focus on that.

SMP Members

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The Members are what give life to the server. they range from all ages, and come from all across the world. Some are civilians, and some are presidents, and even kings.

Name Alias(es) Role IGN
Robi Lasagna man Server Owner DrRobi
Karby Dad 1st President of The Oasis _Karby_
Fridey None Admin F4Fridey
Enigma E, Me President of Lago Novo EniGma06
Zapnado Zap Citizen of Lago Novo,

Vice-President of Lago Novo

Dylan None TBC DylanTVV
Fright Bud Citizen of Lago Novo frightmonsters
Panda GodlyPanda


Citizen of Lago Novo

Shady businessman???


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